Friday, 28 September 2012

Completely knockered!

My delightful son had given me the most precious gift that any child can share with his mother............the rotten snots!!!!!  Yeah, thanks for that!  Here I am with a weekend full of craft shows, fund raising and cooking ahead of me and boom! knocked sideways but the aches and the pains.  Not best impressed.  Still, I've managed to get some lovely bits together for sale and finished some projects for delivery as well so not to shabby.

My whole day has been a bit of a blur if I'm totally honest with you.  Woken up by the mini beast at 0530hrs (gggrrrr).  Coffee morning with the girls with the addition of my famous gooey chocolate cake.  CV writing as I need to remember what my brain is for and prep for tomorrow.  Chilling with a glass of vino now.  Was going to dye my hair to remove the badger streaks but I honestly hurt too much to lift my arms that high for that long so badger streaks will have to do.

Looking forward to catching up with the ladies tomorrow but for now I'm off to bed.  Sorry its a short post but i'm totally pooped.

Back soon. :-)

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