Monday, 31 December 2012

For my newly appointed blog prompter.

So there I was, plodding through life with the hubby 7500 miles away and two boys tearing up ugly and I've been reminded by a loyal follower that I have neglected my blogging duties.  That's backfired badly on her as she has now been appointed my Chief Blog Prompted (blogter for short).

To be honest I've been tardy as I have taken up a new post as nursery cook!!  I love it!!!!  I work 3 days a week and feed all of the lovely little peeps of our Garrison nursery.

I have been busy finishing crochet commissions and Christmas presents.  I promise to post pictures as soon as I get myself together.

We've also gone through the last 2 months without the hubby as he's been on duty in the sand pit so I promise I have lots of very good reasons for being absent.

We have had an amazing year and I will also share al of the wonderful things that we have done and our plans for the new year.

So if you don't mind I'm going to go and get sloshed and sing badly.  Have a wonderful evening, stay safe and stay tuned for regular posts in the new year (at least once every two weeks as a promise to my blogter).

HaPpY NeW YeAr!!!!!!!!

xxx <3 xxx

Friday, 28 September 2012

Completely knockered!

My delightful son had given me the most precious gift that any child can share with his mother............the rotten snots!!!!!  Yeah, thanks for that!  Here I am with a weekend full of craft shows, fund raising and cooking ahead of me and boom! knocked sideways but the aches and the pains.  Not best impressed.  Still, I've managed to get some lovely bits together for sale and finished some projects for delivery as well so not to shabby.

My whole day has been a bit of a blur if I'm totally honest with you.  Woken up by the mini beast at 0530hrs (gggrrrr).  Coffee morning with the girls with the addition of my famous gooey chocolate cake.  CV writing as I need to remember what my brain is for and prep for tomorrow.  Chilling with a glass of vino now.  Was going to dye my hair to remove the badger streaks but I honestly hurt too much to lift my arms that high for that long so badger streaks will have to do.

Looking forward to catching up with the ladies tomorrow but for now I'm off to bed.  Sorry its a short post but i'm totally pooped.

Back soon. :-)

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Yes, I know. Slacking again.

I can honestly say that the reason that I haven't shared all sorts of awesome stuff with you for so long is because I had no awesome stuff to share with you.  I know, it almost never happens but I have been so busy with all of the boring but very necessary things in life and I know you don't want me to blog about the height of my ironing pile (which has just taken me 2 hour to scale thank you very much for asking). Son one killed his brand new school shoes in the first week, NOT COOL!  Son two keeps threatening to bring the nursery Giant African Snail home for a holiday.  I have advised nursery that if such a thing should ever happen, it would be returned in a bath of garlic butter!  That seems to have done the trick. He he he.

This weekend however, we decided that the normal hum drum was getting right on our wick and so we blew it out of the water!  I am the voucher and half price queen but this time hubby trumped me totally. He did FREE!!!  Epic, my favourite price.  We are within half an hour of Paultons Park.  This place is well worth a visit if your in stones throw of Hampshire.  Now what makes this place even more amazing is the phenomenal support that they show to the families of service personnel.  Every year they give thousands of free tickets to kids of serving members of HM Armed Forces.  How wonderful are they?  We've been 3 times now and it never gets old.  The only down side to todays trip was that the rain was coming in from side ways and the wind was blowing a demi gale!  No amount of hot chocolate was going to restore heat to our withered limbs and lifeless peripheries.  Never has taking my jeans off for a wee been such a challenge!  2 hours was quite enough for us and we bugged out for hot baths, more hot chocolate, grannies home knit blankets and every fluffy item of clothing that we possessed.  Proper job.  It was so wet that I refused to take my beloved camera so no photos of our misery to show you, sorry.

I am however delighted to share with you our tip top saturday.  Yet again the voucher queen struck and off we went to the Hawk Conservancy.  We love this place and its worth every single penny of its full entry fee.  We were delighted to share a random act of kindness on the lady behind us in the cue, we got her in for free with our tickets.  Happy days :-).  Now you don't necessarily be into birds of prey to love this place.  The mark of a good attraction in my opinion is that the staff care about what they do.  It always shows.  Now the staff are passionate about their birds and demonstrate them with such energy.  I have to say that I've never seen it so busy but the staff just took it in their stride and made sure that everyone got their monies worth.

This is the place, Google it and Go! 

Throughout the park they have pieces of art from local artists.  I could have spent as long looking at these as I did the birds.  Stunning and such talent on display.

This guy is a Hooded Vulture.  I am now a fully confirmed member of the Vulture fan club.  I just think that they are super cool.  Anything that spends most of its day with its head in a dead body and yet still looks that beautiful is OK by me.

This chap is a King Vulture and the picture doesn't show just how boss eyed he is.  He looks perpetually confused.  I can sympathise.

For my American readers.  This little lady is Cheyenne.  No words necessary I think, she says it all.
Finally, this is brilliant.  Now the fella is flying a Black Kite.  Now apparently the Military have a fondness for this bird and used to send the new recruits across the parade square with their lunch in a mess tin.  The poor recruit would then get dive bombed by the resident Kites.  This is what he's recreating here.  Love it.  Beats "left handed hammers", "tartan paint" etc into a cocked hat.

Generally a fab weekend.  I haven't even touched on the massive amounts of home cooked food, baked yumminess, laughter, hugs and family time as the full 5 of us.  Roll on the next time.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Autumn already!?!

It would seem that autumn has arrived in our little corner of England.  That could identify me as a tiny bit of a pessimist as an optimist might call it late summer.  I would argue however that autumn is such a glorious season full of stunning colours, delightfully crunchy sounds and crisp smells.  I truly love it and my camera loves it too.

Hubby took the not so mini man camping at the weekend leaving myself and the mini man to do as we wished.  Now this week we have been without a car and the weathers been rather unkind to the last week of the school holidays (clearly the most painful!).  Theres a limit to the amount of painting, cutting, sticking, eye spying, walking, picnicking etc that you can ask a 3 year old to do to pass the time.  We decided that our lovely Maisey Moo dog needed to stretch her legs so off we went.  As I may have mentioned before, we have the most glorious corn fields behind our house and they are due to be harvested imminently, so much so that I can hear the combine harvester as I type.  When a small child slows you down you get to absorb so much more of all thats around you and I could not be more grateful.

There is something very stirring about poppy's growing in the fields especially when they grow in the shadow of an Army camp.

These were just breathtaking.  My poor old phone had to do its very best to take the photos and I don't think it did too bad a job.  I could honestly carry my camera everywhere with me and be snapping all day long but I would simply never get anywhere.

Look at this little cracker!!  A pink Poppy.  So pretty.  Now I checked that it hadn't simply faded (if such a thing is possible).  I was so delicately beautiful.  I think a red Poppy displays a robust beauty but this little lady looked so fragile.

This is the site that greets us daily until we crested the hill to discover..................

................this!!!!  What a shocker!  Mini man practically exploded with excitement.  Tractors, trailers and combine harvesters all in one place!  Just too much excitement for one 3 year old.

Then THIS!!  Honestly, I was totally unprepared for hedge row fruits.  I was all very much still in the mind set of flowers but at some point mother nature decreed that it was fruit o'clock.  Not so much as a consultation!

Mini man loves his dandelion "wishes".  This was a classic specimen of a fully formed wish as he presented to me for photographs.  Sadly the wind whipped by him unceremoniously PINCHING his wishes.  The rudeness!!

I can say that autumn is well and truly on its way and I'm happy to welcome it now I've found my favourite winter boots that I feared had been lost in the move, hurray!

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Here's to friends.

Sometimes it easy to forget just what friends mean to us.  All too often we take people for granted and vastly under estimate just what those people in our lives give us when they bestow their friendships up on us.  Friendship is a very precious gift that is not given easily and should be received as if you were being given a basket of the finest jewels and precious metals.  Friends are there to enrich our lives, give us advice (even if its not always what we want to hear), laugh with us, cry with us and always support us through the hard times.  It is therefore, our responsibility to return such amazing gifts in the same vein.

I adore my friends.  I'm a very typical Capricorn and as such I have few true friends and many acquaintances.  This suits me fine as when I forge a friendship I create a bond that would cause me to move mountains to support my friends.  I have friends that have been in my life for a great many years, we may not chat for years but when we do it's like we've never been apart.  I also have friends that have been in my life for a short time but in that short time have made a real impact on me.  I consider myself very lucky indeed.

Very sadly the world lost a very special man.  He went home to spirit last week after a short illness.  It is very rare that we, as earth bound spirits, get to experience the love and light of an angel but this man truly was an angel that walked amongst us.  He was a wonderful person.  I was fortunate to work with him for a short time.  He would volunteer on my ward once a week.  Now the ward I used to manage was a rehab unit for people who had suffered a stroke.  Life changing and very scary.  Our dear friend would rumble up the ward with his tea trolley spreading love, light and laughter in his wake.  Now doing a tea round on a ward where many people are unable to drink is no mean feat.  Our angel knew this and instead shared his time.  Talking, laughing, listening, running small errands, reading letters and cards if they were unable to do so for themselves and just being with them.  Truly a selfless person and I will never be able to express to him just how big a difference he made.  He will be missed so profoundly but I know that I will be lucky enough to see him again and hopefully taste his tea.  Thank you for all that you gave us, we are all so grateful and we all hope that we we're able to give you something back in any small way that we could.

On a lighter note I had a wonderful telephone call today from a friend from my home church.  Saying how missed we are and that they are looking forward to seeing us again.  How wonderful it is to know that out of sight isn't out of mind.  In a week where we have lost someone so special it feels so comforting that we still have each other.

We also had a visit from some wonderful friends from home.  Red wine became Mars Bar Vodka which randomly became a cup of tea!!!  Clearly something went very wrong there.  Mad cap gin fuelled japes that always caused us to pack away anything valuable and hide the fine china became a nice cuppa and a reclining deck chair gazing up at the stars.  Bliss.  Candles in there little jars flickering away on the lawn as we were fortunate enough to view shooting stars.  It became clear to me that we were simply enjoying each others company.  To sit in the peace with wonderful people and enjoy natures gifts is honestly so satisfying I can't tell you.

I know that today post seems very stayed and grown up but sometimes its just the way it must be.  I promise to make you laugh next time.

Welcome to my growing band of followers in the good 'ole US of A.  Howdy!  Hello to to those of you in Japan, Russia and Germany.  I will have some more creations to show you all in my next post. :-)

In memory of Pete Kelly.  
Sweet dreams.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Our day in pictures.

The general consensus of opinion today was that we saddle up the horse power and venture into town. The sun was shining, shorts on, kids slipped, slapped and slopped and off we went.

Winchester looks unbelievably beautiful in the sunshine.  The city erupts into life, the buildings glow and music of various genres drift up and down the high street.  To day was market day too so the bustle, the colour and the vibrance were all elevated.

Winchester was on the Olympic Torch route and is still resplendent in the glory.  The whole of the city centre is still embracing the spirit of the Olympics.  Our wanders took us into the Cathedral grounds only to find two large screens showing the Olympic events of the day.  Well, when the offer of sitting in the sunshine watching Team GB is presented then who are we to argue.  Almost an hour passed as we watched those brave souls swimming in the Serpentine.

Whilst the family soaked up the atmosphere I snuck off for a bit of time just my camera and I.  I've been promising myself some time in the Cathedral grounds since we moved at today was the day.  So wonderful.  I barely scratched the surface today and will most certainly return!

With tummy's rumbling we decided to return home to an impromptu BBQ.  Always the best I feel.  Time however for a spot of play time.  Kite and bubbles at the ready.......

Such a busy but equally fantastic day.  Such colour, vitality and peace all in one day.  Time for a brew.......

Night all.  Need my sleep.  The family are off to the beach tomorrow!!!!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Ho Ho Ho!!!

Well I've been away so long I'd forgive you for thinking it must be Christmas!

I'm sorry for the protracted and rather gapping hole in the updates from my bonkers life.  I've actually had requests to update so I must be keeping you all entertained.  I actually didn't realise that it had been so long and I can only apologise.  Fear not people, I'm back and I shall maintain discipline!

In the time that I've been away I've watched the corn field behind our house turn the most lustrous, glorious golden colour.  I never fail to be filled with awe at the beauty that nature bestows upon us.  I think I feel it more acutely since our move here.  We spot birds now!  The whole family are now totally hooked twitching.  To see the mini men commando crawling up the lawn (badly) with the full intention of stalking starlings is a sight that both amuses and fulfils.  Occasionally we have visitors of Blue Tits and Green Finches.  I even spotted Green Woodpeckers yesterday.  I was so excited that I even had to contact the hubby for confirmation.  Good job I did too as I thought they were Parakeets!  More work needed I think.

I have found a stunning area of meadow in the shadow of an old barrack block.  I really must get back down to it with my camera.  I took the mini men and the Moo for a walk and stumbled across them but the smallest of mini men had me preoccupied with kissing snails!

With my all embracing love of nature currently in full swing I have attempted to turn my hand to corn dolly production.  I can't say I'm any good but I'm enthusiastic and I always think that goes along way.  My main strategy was to not make a complete hash of the corn work then cover it with crochet and metal work!  Genius.

A very valiant first attempt I think.

We're now into the 3rd week of the school holidays and I think that I must thank the power of Gin for the fact that we have all survived thus long!  As many of you that follow me through my Facebook page will know that I made the brave decision to reduce the quality of the brand in order to increase the sheer quantity of the stuff.  It was a difficult choice to make but both of the kids, the dog, the husband and the pigs have all thanked me for the outcome.  I must say that I'm not entirely dependent on gin but I enjoy the knowledge that I have a good friend nestled in the cupboard just incase I need nocturnal fortification.  He he he he he. :-)

I have found, as I do from time to time, that I build up a stash of half finished projects.  Now this frustrates me beyond belief.  They congregate in my kitchen window sill and they do not make me happy.  To find some time to dedicate to their completion in normal life is almost impossible.  This week however my lovely hubby has started his leave and took the boys out to the garage to do some tinkering with the other woman in my husbands life, his beloved motorbike.  The very deepest joy swept over me as I start chopping, sanding, filing, sewing, hooking and planning.  Number 48 became a veritable hive of activity this morning and I've seen such fantastic results.  Getting a blow torch out in the presence of the miniest of men is not something to be taken lightly but with him safely tucked away I could fire metal until my hearts content.  And it was.  I fired the copper date tag and completed my new necklace.  I decided a little while ago that I wanted a new one but I couldn't find anything to my liking.  Then I had an epiphany, make my own.  Very please I am too.

Now then, ho ho ho indeed.  I've been overcome with festive cheer this week.  A friend of mine saw the light and got in very early with her Christmas order.  I've struggled to find the inspiration if I'm honest (especially after the mini men spotted the "combine harnester").  I've spent hours on the internet searching for images to fast forward the brain somewhat.  I'm glad to say that my trawling paid off and I've created such a lovely garland that the family tree is likely to find itself adorned with one this year.

I think thats enough for the time being.  I promise to maintain my blogging.  I must say it's been nice to know that you've missed me.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Bobbin Phobia's Conquered!!!

Yet again, so much has happened in my little life.  So much in fact that I honestly don't know where to start.

I have to tell you about the newest addition to the family.  Her name is Florence and she is my new sewing machine (Florence the Machine, get it?).  I have had a few cheap little sewing machines as presents that haven't been able to sew a single stitch and have frankly been a disappointment.  I also have two from the family that are so precious to me because of their previous owners but that are unusable and sit in my attic gathering dust.  Florence is the first that has fully fulfilled her roll and has taken my hand and guided me down the path of sewing bliss.  I love her!!!  In two years of home economics at school I honestly could never thread a bobbin.  Now they are as simple as flicking a switch.  I have to say however that I have learned to use equipment that is specifically for the purpose of saving and maintaining life since I was at school so a bobbin should have been a walk in the park.

Florence had been a major star in the helping me get "Jessie's Pretty Little Things" ready for not so mini man's old school's summer fete.  Off I trotted back to our home town with the car crammed to the roof with lovely bits and bobs to sell.  I had an amazing day and caught up with some very good friends.  Slightly disappointed at the lack of a certain someones kissing stall.  You know who you are!

I thought these were so pretty.  Lucy @attic 24 gave me the inspiration but me being me, I had to make then slightly mixed media if you like by adding my normal dollop of felt work.  I really love the different textures of crochet and felt.  The two just work so well together.

My felt flower garland drew lots of interest which has inspired a new project that I will get to eventually.

I made some "wanderful" wands (see, did it again, he he he).  Sadly I don't have a photo of them yet but when I do I'll post.  They were great and they made a lot of little girls very happy indeed.

I'm currently waiting in eager anticipation for my outfit for the Mess summer ball.  Bollywood this year, eek!  Very excited indeed.  I cant wait to see my outfit.  The colours and the wonderful fabrics, right up my street.

This week saw the demise of a dear member of the family.  My peg bag died.  Now this might seem insignificant to everyone but that bag has done me 10 years of loyal service.  Its hung on countless coat hangers and outlived them all.  It started life as the blind that I made for my room in Halls during my nursing training and when I left I decided that I loved the fabric so much that I must reuse it.  My poor old bag gave up the ghost in right royal fashion but it did choose its timing impeccably.  Nothing like hanging in there long enough for me to adopt florence and gather enough skill to create a replacement bag.  I'm off fabric shopping tomorrow.  Fabric adventures, FUN, FUN, FUN.

I have decided that the downstairs cloak room should have a new colourful makeover.  I've made my first purchase towards this project and I'll be keeping it a closely guarded secret until its grand unveiling.  Honestly, how many people do you know that would have an opening to a loo makeover???  The madness of me.

On a minor but not insignificant note, I've finally found the time to attend to my grey haired roots.  Its a job I detest but it does make me feel more my 32 years rather than the 62 years that I look when they get as bad as they did.

Oh and I spent all of yesterday reading a book.  I honestly cant remember the last time I did that.  You may have ready heard of.  "50 Shades of Grey".  Now then, I blush!  I don't understand most of it however. ;-)

Saturday, 16 June 2012

What and amazing week!!

There are few weeks when fabulous things don't happen.  This is largely due to the fact that I look for positivity and beauty in everything that happens in our little world, even in things that most people would consider perfectly horrid.  I don't mind telling you why either.  18 months ago I was a very high flying senior nurse who became extremely unwell with stress.  At the age of 30 I was totally broken.  I am however, ecstatic to report that I fully recovered but I do need to keep taking care of myself to stay that way.  I would like to take this opportunity to give you one piece of advice.......Watch the butterflies.  My Granny gave me this advice many years ago but I was too busy and rather too important to listen to it.  Typically Granny knew better and I really wish I'd listen to her.  When life gets to much just stop, breathe and watch the butterflies.

So, as I was saying, amazing things.  My eldest started his new school this week and proudly brought home 3 good work stickers, 3 house points for "Ash" house and an award for music!!  Not bad at all even if I do say so myself.  More importantly however, he's bounded into school every morning full of energy and vitality, determined to hit the day running and has bounced out of school every afternoon with a smile on his face that would rival any post box.  I'm so ridiculously proud of him.  My husband and I made this massive life changing decision for the whole family and the children have taken up the challenge and really ran with it.  I'm in awe of them, I really am.  Mini man has also started his new nursery this week with the same vigour and spirit.  Children are simply outstanding and I love them more than I can possibly say.

Now, back to more normal goings on.  Baking.  I have subjected my poor husband to two lots of home baked goods this week.

Apple and cinnamon muffins according to the cook book ...

Apple and cinnamon muffins al a Jessie.  Nailed it I think you'll agree.  well, almost.

I can say however, that the gingerbread that I baked at the end of this week met with a much more favourable response and was super yummy.

This week has also seen the crafty arm of my life deliver a very special guest to the opening of a new business in Devizes, Wiltshire.  

Meet Schubert.  He is the Funky Rabbit of "Funky Rabbit" in Devizes.
I love his green patch on his bottom.  

I spent 4 weeks working on him during the housemove and its associated madness.  I was staggered that he didn't get lost!  It would seem that my crochet is more reliable than my baking.

My Facebook page has also taken off this evening with so many new friends and people that enjoy my work, I'm elated!  New commissions are rolling in and I'm extremely excited.  Also that I have found a new craft shop in town to support my work.  I almost fell over when I chanced upon it and then again when I discovered that it sold all of the wonderful yarns that I've had to turn to the net for.

Life in our new house is also rather wonderful.  I love that the wind blows for miles and that the first thing that stops it is my washing line!  We live on the edge of the patch and there is not a hill in sight.  My washing is dry even before I have finished pegging it out.  Or rather it would be if we had a chance to sample some of this years summer.  The walk to school is also amazing.  How many children can say that they get to play in the corn fields on their way to school?  Not that many I should imagine.  We went fully prepared on this week and took the opportunity for some puddle stomping.  Totally wonderful.  I love to see the boys running around and enjoying all of the things that children should.  Add to that and old fashion bag of penny sweets from the village post office and a trip to the park and life is just perfect.  I promise photos of these wonderful things in my next post.

Remember, "life is full of beauty, notice it.  Smell the rain, and feeling the wind, live life to your fullest potential and fight for your dreams".  I love this quote and it came my way via Facebook.  I wish I could quote the author but sadly, I don't have their name. 

Two very good bits of advice from two very wise people this week and I was not one of them.

Saturday, 9 June 2012


Welcome to the house of snots, high temperatures and Calpol!!

Typical really.  We've finished the move and we start dropping like flies with all manner of nastiness.  I have been flatly ignoring mine in the hope that it will bugger off with the knowledge that I don't want to play.  Mini man caught it from not so mini man and has since decided to share his germy vileness with my good self and Mummy dearest.  Seriously uncool!!  I respond better to flowers generally so this little gift can foxtrot oscar.

We are now fully fledged landlords.  I have scrubbed and cleaned like a loon and the place looked spectacular.  We're not dirty people, quite the opposite, but when you look at an empty house it always looks a hundred times worse than it did with furniture in it.  I have to say that it feels amazing to be back down to one house and we can finally start properly settling in to life in this house now.

The boys start school and nursery on monday. BLISS!  I cant wait!  I've been trying to finish some crochet commissions in the midst of all of this madness as well as sorting some stock for the summer fayre season and I could really do with some time with just me and my hook.  I've been hooking at break neck speed in the evenings but that then sets my mind working at a million miles an hour which then in turn renders me completely unable to sleep much before midnight.  Hanging is not the word!  It will all work out because it always does but I'm absolutely pooped.

I've met some wonderful people in the last few days.  I always think its an excellent sign when people feel comfortable enough to come into our home and spend an impromptu evening just chatting and laughing.  This makes me very happy indeed.

Maisey has been signed up for agility classes.  In so doing however, I have also signed myself up and I'm reliably informed that this involves running and physical exertion.  If ever there was a kick up the bum to get down and see the PTI's in the gym, this is it!

I've got to go as I'm struggling with my peepers, if anyone has a pair of match sticks please send them my  way.

Friday, 1 June 2012

The Great Cress Race!!

I am honestly disgusted that its taken me so long to get back to my blog but if you could see just how much that hubby and I have done I think you'd collapse in exhaustion.  We have literally packed one house, moved and totally unpacked.  We moved in to the new house at 1300hrs and were totally unpacked by 2300hrs.  I am (in the words of my very good friend), completely nonkered!  Hubby's bugged out to Dover in the hope of some rest but has failed epically.  I totally think that an enormous Lamb roast dinner on Sunday is totally in order.

Wednesday saw me getting my first stupid dose of sunburn!  I'm such a numpty because I know that I burn and yet I decided to mow the lawn in the midday sun with no cream.  Totally irresponsible and I'm feeling really very silly indeed.  I've duly marched myself off to town and purchased some light cotton blouses to keep myself covered for the foreseeable.

I can say with absolute certainty that we have the largest and most expansive lawn in the known universe.  It is literally the stuff of football pitches.  When you have to empty the lawn mower 8 times and then you rake up a further 3 bag bags full then you know that you've got a whopper.  And to add insult to actual injury, it looked crap!  I was totally mortified that I had spent 3 long, hot and painful hours mowing the field with a mower that is woefully inadequate for the vast swathes of meadow and it looked dreadful!

I would like to have a little boast now.  Hubby and I erected the trampoline in less than 10 mins!  That is a personal best for our little team and we are still rather smug about that minor achievement.

Now then, I don't know if your a heart or a head type of person but I would normally shop with my head but on Thursday I seemed to have had a massive rush of blood to it.  Off we trot to the pet shop to get supplies for Vern and Maisey.  Absolutely no plans for anything else but those items on my list.  Then BOOM!! I came out with two Guinea Pigs and a hutch! I never ever do things like that and never without the prior discussion with hubby as we are a very tight team.  My only saving grace is that they were in need of adoption as they had been quite literally left on the shelf.  They are adorable however and the boys are completely in awe of them.  I'm very encouraged by my eldest's enthusiasm for them.

Meet Jeffery and Bungle

I think you'll agree that they are really very sweet indeed.  Very glad to add two more red heads to our very own Russet Lodge.

Today (Friday) not so mini man had the choice of where we went and what we did.  That child is a genius.  "Mummy" he declared, "I would like to see the fish".  Not a problem.  Off we pootled to Portsmouth and had a fantastic time watching the fish at the Blue Reef Aquarium.  Mini man wasn't so sure as the aquarium is kept rather dark for the comfort of the fish but once I'd placed him in charge of the camera he settled right in.

Mini man's photography is coming on great guns.

I always think that lobsters look so grumpy.

We decided to drop into Winchester on our way home to check out our new home town and I have to say that I'm deliriously happy with the place.  I've found a lovely flower stall on the market to fill my lovely little becrochet'd jam jars with........

I've found plenty of shops to find lovely little things in.........

Needed a spoon rest and what better to tick that box on the shopping list and quench my thirst for camper vans. 

Oh and..........

Which quickly became.........


Now, back to the cress race.  Thanks to Maccy D's the boys came home with a "Grow your own cress Owl".  Today is day one of the great cress race.  I will of course keep you fully up to date on the cress race progress.

Mini man's on the left, not so mini man on the right

And there off!  And I'm off to bed.  Night all, lots more sleep required.  Zzzz