Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Very VERy good excuse, honest!

So before you all moan at me for disappearing again I can tell you that I have a fantastic excuse.......we moved, AGAIN!

The next step on our fab family adventure is LONDON baby!!!!!!!  How lucky does one family get?  We have all of our nations amazing capital on our door step and its awesome!  Its been like a two week holiday but with all of our stuff.  Very odd indeed.  We've been waking up and deciding to just "nip to Windsor" or "pop to Richmond".  We've decided to direct our annual holiday budget to 4 Merlin annual passes.  I did have a small heart attack at the £500 cost but the thought for just "trotting off" to the London Eye, Madam Tussauds, Thorpe Park and lets not forget LEGO LAND and the pill easier to swallow.  Not so mini man was practically catatonic when we told him.  I must say that I can't see filling the summer holidays with activities is going to be any problem at all this year.

Another thing which came as quite a shock to us was the amount of green space and wild life.  Its amazing.  We have Foxes, Parakeets, Blue Tits, Great Tits, Coots, Moor Hens, Squirrels and stunning small blue butterflies (which I must accurately identify).  The dog totally let herself down by deciding to swim up the small river which flows near our house.  Ordinarily it wouldn't have been a problem but on this occasion she found a Mummy Mallard and her 11 baby ducklings.  Could we get the daft dog out, not a chance!  She must have swam 400m up stream, nutter!  Glad to say that the ducklings were all present and correct.  Also glad to report that the Mummy duck got a few good pecks at the mad mutt so I think it unlikely that she'll be doing it again.

I've been gathered up by the ladies on two occasions since we moved. The first was for an evening of Gin in the Mess which was extremely enjoyable and the second was for a bootcamp.  Distinctly less enjoyable at the time but decidedly addictive and well worth doing.  If you're in the London area and fancy some pain contact Sammie Fitness (she's on FB).  I can honestly say that my abdomen has only just stopped hurting but the results already are fab.

Sunday saw a trip to the Ace Cafe for the Royal British Legion Riders day.  AWESOME!!!!!!!  Not so awesome was the two hour journey home on the north circular.  Grrrrrr.

Any way, must get back to my blanket making and fairy folk creation.  I may have just accidentally ordered the Deramores Stylecraft "Lucy pack", what a dreadful thing to do.  I feel two blankets running side by side for a little while ;-).

So Her Majesty wasn't home but it was very kind of her to allow us to view her beautiful home.

Sunshine, beautiful bikes, cracking brew and great music.  Perfect!

Now as much as I've tried I just can't get my head around being on the back of a motorbike.  Anyone who knows me will know that this is much more me.

Great thanks to the Ace Cafe for their support of the RBLR.

In memory of Drummer Lee Rigby.  You will never be forgotten.

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