Thursday, 9 August 2012

Our day in pictures.

The general consensus of opinion today was that we saddle up the horse power and venture into town. The sun was shining, shorts on, kids slipped, slapped and slopped and off we went.

Winchester looks unbelievably beautiful in the sunshine.  The city erupts into life, the buildings glow and music of various genres drift up and down the high street.  To day was market day too so the bustle, the colour and the vibrance were all elevated.

Winchester was on the Olympic Torch route and is still resplendent in the glory.  The whole of the city centre is still embracing the spirit of the Olympics.  Our wanders took us into the Cathedral grounds only to find two large screens showing the Olympic events of the day.  Well, when the offer of sitting in the sunshine watching Team GB is presented then who are we to argue.  Almost an hour passed as we watched those brave souls swimming in the Serpentine.

Whilst the family soaked up the atmosphere I snuck off for a bit of time just my camera and I.  I've been promising myself some time in the Cathedral grounds since we moved at today was the day.  So wonderful.  I barely scratched the surface today and will most certainly return!

With tummy's rumbling we decided to return home to an impromptu BBQ.  Always the best I feel.  Time however for a spot of play time.  Kite and bubbles at the ready.......

Such a busy but equally fantastic day.  Such colour, vitality and peace all in one day.  Time for a brew.......

Night all.  Need my sleep.  The family are off to the beach tomorrow!!!!

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