Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Ho Ho Ho!!!

Well I've been away so long I'd forgive you for thinking it must be Christmas!

I'm sorry for the protracted and rather gapping hole in the updates from my bonkers life.  I've actually had requests to update so I must be keeping you all entertained.  I actually didn't realise that it had been so long and I can only apologise.  Fear not people, I'm back and I shall maintain discipline!

In the time that I've been away I've watched the corn field behind our house turn the most lustrous, glorious golden colour.  I never fail to be filled with awe at the beauty that nature bestows upon us.  I think I feel it more acutely since our move here.  We spot birds now!  The whole family are now totally hooked twitching.  To see the mini men commando crawling up the lawn (badly) with the full intention of stalking starlings is a sight that both amuses and fulfils.  Occasionally we have visitors of Blue Tits and Green Finches.  I even spotted Green Woodpeckers yesterday.  I was so excited that I even had to contact the hubby for confirmation.  Good job I did too as I thought they were Parakeets!  More work needed I think.

I have found a stunning area of meadow in the shadow of an old barrack block.  I really must get back down to it with my camera.  I took the mini men and the Moo for a walk and stumbled across them but the smallest of mini men had me preoccupied with kissing snails!

With my all embracing love of nature currently in full swing I have attempted to turn my hand to corn dolly production.  I can't say I'm any good but I'm enthusiastic and I always think that goes along way.  My main strategy was to not make a complete hash of the corn work then cover it with crochet and metal work!  Genius.

A very valiant first attempt I think.

We're now into the 3rd week of the school holidays and I think that I must thank the power of Gin for the fact that we have all survived thus long!  As many of you that follow me through my Facebook page will know that I made the brave decision to reduce the quality of the brand in order to increase the sheer quantity of the stuff.  It was a difficult choice to make but both of the kids, the dog, the husband and the pigs have all thanked me for the outcome.  I must say that I'm not entirely dependent on gin but I enjoy the knowledge that I have a good friend nestled in the cupboard just incase I need nocturnal fortification.  He he he he he. :-)

I have found, as I do from time to time, that I build up a stash of half finished projects.  Now this frustrates me beyond belief.  They congregate in my kitchen window sill and they do not make me happy.  To find some time to dedicate to their completion in normal life is almost impossible.  This week however my lovely hubby has started his leave and took the boys out to the garage to do some tinkering with the other woman in my husbands life, his beloved motorbike.  The very deepest joy swept over me as I start chopping, sanding, filing, sewing, hooking and planning.  Number 48 became a veritable hive of activity this morning and I've seen such fantastic results.  Getting a blow torch out in the presence of the miniest of men is not something to be taken lightly but with him safely tucked away I could fire metal until my hearts content.  And it was.  I fired the copper date tag and completed my new necklace.  I decided a little while ago that I wanted a new one but I couldn't find anything to my liking.  Then I had an epiphany, make my own.  Very please I am too.

Now then, ho ho ho indeed.  I've been overcome with festive cheer this week.  A friend of mine saw the light and got in very early with her Christmas order.  I've struggled to find the inspiration if I'm honest (especially after the mini men spotted the "combine harnester").  I've spent hours on the internet searching for images to fast forward the brain somewhat.  I'm glad to say that my trawling paid off and I've created such a lovely garland that the family tree is likely to find itself adorned with one this year.

I think thats enough for the time being.  I promise to maintain my blogging.  I must say it's been nice to know that you've missed me.

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