Friday, 15 March 2013

All change!

Well the new address has been issued, very excited!!!!!!  I must say that I'm delighted.  1940's stone fire place and the original 1940's kitchen.  This would of course fill most people with an equal mix of dread on horror but I'm literally catatonic with glee.  My mind is full of possibilities and Pinterest is egging me on.  Naughty Pinterest.

More new things in the house since my last blog.  When I was growing up we had two resident rocking chairs.  The first was a very masculine chair which we named "Albert".  Shortly after Albert came "Victoria".  These chairs were present right through my childhood until a move to the standard 1990's modern box of a house forced their sale.  Such a sad tragic event but I'm led to believe that we were all shipping out the lovely in favour of the modular.  I am now however in a position to right those wrongs.  I present you with..........................

....................................Mabel!!!  She's been rehomed as her current family are doing exactly what my parents did all of those years ago.  Hubster and myself just totally fell in love with her and collected her the day after we saw her.  Hubby has however banned me from crocheting anything for her!!!  The rudeness!!!  I'm sure he'll be away with his new post so I'm confident that I'll get my own way.

Winter returned with a sting in its tail in our little part of Hampshire.  Poor Jeff and Bungle have been fortified against the elements and are currently warmer than us.  On our travels yesterday we caught sight of the most amazing side effect of a rather sorry looking plumbing issue with an empty house on patch.

Happy to report that the weather has cheered up and the house is back in rude health.

My next project has been decided.  I, she of the bobbing phobia, have decided to make a quilt!  Oh yes indeedy.  To break down the vastness of this task and to address the sheer lack of skill, I have opted to start with a set of quilted coasters.  I will of course keep you informed of progress.

Cooking continues to be a large part of my life and will do for the next two weeks as they are my last two weeks in the nursery kitchen.  In the spirt of fundraising for Comic Relief we have been baking like our lives depended on it.  My contribution to the cake sale was an absolute triumph of yummy americaness and I really must run them past my American friends for absolute clarification of acceptance.

Cinnamon rolls prior to icing. Yummer! 

In other news, the granny blanket is still going great guns!  I've completed 6.5 rows of the 10 row blanket.  I've also started a blobble blanket for a friend's baby which is due in no less than 3 weeks!  If I ever look like I may head in the direction of the bobble again please do feel free to slap me HARD!

Finally, this abomination came to my attention today......

GIN IN A BAG!!!!  RUDE!!!!

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