Friday, 22 February 2013

What an awesome week!!!

Sometimes you have months where weeks pass by in a fog of saminess (if thats even a word!).  Every day blurs into another.  This week has stood out amongst the others as an absolute corker!!  Its been half term in Hampshire and I've had to work but hubby has had the week off and therefore was delegated responsibility of child care and kiddy entertaining.  God love him, he's fabulous!  He decided that I needed some time away from the house duties and child wrangling so he only went and booked me into the local spa for the day!!!!!

Tuesday was spa day and off I toddled with my swimming costume and kindle.  What an amazing day!! I lost 5 hours to the relaxation room and the Twilight books, 1 hour to a back, neck and head massage and facial and 1 hour to saunas and steam rooms.  Rounded off with an afternoon tea that required at least 4 people to help me eat it.  Utter bliss.

Wednesday saw the kidnapping of the kids by my mother.  DATE NIGHT!!!!  Skyfall + rib eye steaks + red wine = relaxation galore!  If you haven't seen Skyfall yet, you must.  Hubby was graced with Daniel Craig's company when he watched it during his little "holiday".  Apparently its not the same watching it without him but I'm assured I come a close second!  Thanks lover!!

Friday saw a very cold and windy trip to our favourite beach.  Picnic packed, camera ready to rock and LOTS of layers on.  Bracing to say the least but the perfect opportunity to test out my new lens.  Check these out....................

Love a bit of cake!!!

In other news, "Operation Blanket" is still going great guns, Easter decoration manufacturing has begun and "Breaking Dawn" is underway.

Have a great weekend everyone!!


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