Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Bobbin Phobia's Conquered!!!

Yet again, so much has happened in my little life.  So much in fact that I honestly don't know where to start.

I have to tell you about the newest addition to the family.  Her name is Florence and she is my new sewing machine (Florence the Machine, get it?).  I have had a few cheap little sewing machines as presents that haven't been able to sew a single stitch and have frankly been a disappointment.  I also have two from the family that are so precious to me because of their previous owners but that are unusable and sit in my attic gathering dust.  Florence is the first that has fully fulfilled her roll and has taken my hand and guided me down the path of sewing bliss.  I love her!!!  In two years of home economics at school I honestly could never thread a bobbin.  Now they are as simple as flicking a switch.  I have to say however that I have learned to use equipment that is specifically for the purpose of saving and maintaining life since I was at school so a bobbin should have been a walk in the park.

Florence had been a major star in the helping me get "Jessie's Pretty Little Things" ready for not so mini man's old school's summer fete.  Off I trotted back to our home town with the car crammed to the roof with lovely bits and bobs to sell.  I had an amazing day and caught up with some very good friends.  Slightly disappointed at the lack of a certain someones kissing stall.  You know who you are!

I thought these were so pretty.  Lucy @attic 24 gave me the inspiration but me being me, I had to make then slightly mixed media if you like by adding my normal dollop of felt work.  I really love the different textures of crochet and felt.  The two just work so well together.

My felt flower garland drew lots of interest which has inspired a new project that I will get to eventually.

I made some "wanderful" wands (see, did it again, he he he).  Sadly I don't have a photo of them yet but when I do I'll post.  They were great and they made a lot of little girls very happy indeed.

I'm currently waiting in eager anticipation for my outfit for the Mess summer ball.  Bollywood this year, eek!  Very excited indeed.  I cant wait to see my outfit.  The colours and the wonderful fabrics, right up my street.

This week saw the demise of a dear member of the family.  My peg bag died.  Now this might seem insignificant to everyone but that bag has done me 10 years of loyal service.  Its hung on countless coat hangers and outlived them all.  It started life as the blind that I made for my room in Halls during my nursing training and when I left I decided that I loved the fabric so much that I must reuse it.  My poor old bag gave up the ghost in right royal fashion but it did choose its timing impeccably.  Nothing like hanging in there long enough for me to adopt florence and gather enough skill to create a replacement bag.  I'm off fabric shopping tomorrow.  Fabric adventures, FUN, FUN, FUN.

I have decided that the downstairs cloak room should have a new colourful makeover.  I've made my first purchase towards this project and I'll be keeping it a closely guarded secret until its grand unveiling.  Honestly, how many people do you know that would have an opening to a loo makeover???  The madness of me.

On a minor but not insignificant note, I've finally found the time to attend to my grey haired roots.  Its a job I detest but it does make me feel more my 32 years rather than the 62 years that I look when they get as bad as they did.

Oh and I spent all of yesterday reading a book.  I honestly cant remember the last time I did that.  You may have ready heard of.  "50 Shades of Grey".  Now then, I blush!  I don't understand most of it however. ;-)

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