Sunday, 10 February 2013

Family and friends. Lovely Jubbly!

We are a full compliment this weekend.  All 5 of us shoe horned into our little house and its FAB!!!  My "Wing Woman" step daughter has turned 18 and we're all feeling a bit old if the truth be told.

There was a distinctly american theme to my kitchen yesterday.  The other lady of the house has a slight addiction to my american pancakes, bacon and blue berry syrup and so her wish was my command.  There were also more promotion celebrations to be had.  I packed my fridge with Champagne and Kirsch and covered my table in all of the components to make delicious burritos.  Yummy!!!  I was amazed that an actually real life American thought my burritos were wonderful, praise indeed!  We are always thrilled to have guests but especially ones who are as nutty as we are and enjoy having the Rugby on the telly, a glass in hand and a plate full of tasty food.  Fireworks were also planned but sadly the fog came in and put pay to that.

It would seem that I'm allergic to grapes!  I have a bit of a headache this morning and I don't know why.

In other news......I've been recycling!  I love Yankee Candles and in the spirit of all things American (and thrifty) I decided to recycle my old candles.  I find that they are rather pricey but an essential part of our home.  I also find that there is always about half an inch of wax in the bottom of the jar that will not burn as the wick has already burned its last.  I'd been surfing on Pinterest and found that those frightfully ingenious Americans melt them down and create a whole new candle with the left overs.  My new wicks arrived yesterday morning and I had some little jars on stand by (that formerly held a votive candle so I was assured of their suitability for the job) so I decided to grasp the nettle and go for it!  I placed a pan of water on the hob, placed the candle inside and let the water almost reach the boil.  I  allowed the heat to melt the wax but did not allow it to get too hot as I had been told that if the wax starts to smoke then its ruined.  I placed the new wick in the prepared jar and poured the melted wax in.  PERFECT!

Genius use of a clothes peg to hold the wick in place.  Not my idea, much to sensible, Mummy dearest imparted her knowledge.

In other other news................

My glorious Amaryllis has unfurled in all of its wondrous beauty.

And finally........
Mini Man decided to make the Tortoise a new house.  I think Verns excited.  Difficult to tell.

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