Saturday, 9 June 2012


Welcome to the house of snots, high temperatures and Calpol!!

Typical really.  We've finished the move and we start dropping like flies with all manner of nastiness.  I have been flatly ignoring mine in the hope that it will bugger off with the knowledge that I don't want to play.  Mini man caught it from not so mini man and has since decided to share his germy vileness with my good self and Mummy dearest.  Seriously uncool!!  I respond better to flowers generally so this little gift can foxtrot oscar.

We are now fully fledged landlords.  I have scrubbed and cleaned like a loon and the place looked spectacular.  We're not dirty people, quite the opposite, but when you look at an empty house it always looks a hundred times worse than it did with furniture in it.  I have to say that it feels amazing to be back down to one house and we can finally start properly settling in to life in this house now.

The boys start school and nursery on monday. BLISS!  I cant wait!  I've been trying to finish some crochet commissions in the midst of all of this madness as well as sorting some stock for the summer fayre season and I could really do with some time with just me and my hook.  I've been hooking at break neck speed in the evenings but that then sets my mind working at a million miles an hour which then in turn renders me completely unable to sleep much before midnight.  Hanging is not the word!  It will all work out because it always does but I'm absolutely pooped.

I've met some wonderful people in the last few days.  I always think its an excellent sign when people feel comfortable enough to come into our home and spend an impromptu evening just chatting and laughing.  This makes me very happy indeed.

Maisey has been signed up for agility classes.  In so doing however, I have also signed myself up and I'm reliably informed that this involves running and physical exertion.  If ever there was a kick up the bum to get down and see the PTI's in the gym, this is it!

I've got to go as I'm struggling with my peepers, if anyone has a pair of match sticks please send them my  way.

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