Friday, 1 June 2012

The Great Cress Race!!

I am honestly disgusted that its taken me so long to get back to my blog but if you could see just how much that hubby and I have done I think you'd collapse in exhaustion.  We have literally packed one house, moved and totally unpacked.  We moved in to the new house at 1300hrs and were totally unpacked by 2300hrs.  I am (in the words of my very good friend), completely nonkered!  Hubby's bugged out to Dover in the hope of some rest but has failed epically.  I totally think that an enormous Lamb roast dinner on Sunday is totally in order.

Wednesday saw me getting my first stupid dose of sunburn!  I'm such a numpty because I know that I burn and yet I decided to mow the lawn in the midday sun with no cream.  Totally irresponsible and I'm feeling really very silly indeed.  I've duly marched myself off to town and purchased some light cotton blouses to keep myself covered for the foreseeable.

I can say with absolute certainty that we have the largest and most expansive lawn in the known universe.  It is literally the stuff of football pitches.  When you have to empty the lawn mower 8 times and then you rake up a further 3 bag bags full then you know that you've got a whopper.  And to add insult to actual injury, it looked crap!  I was totally mortified that I had spent 3 long, hot and painful hours mowing the field with a mower that is woefully inadequate for the vast swathes of meadow and it looked dreadful!

I would like to have a little boast now.  Hubby and I erected the trampoline in less than 10 mins!  That is a personal best for our little team and we are still rather smug about that minor achievement.

Now then, I don't know if your a heart or a head type of person but I would normally shop with my head but on Thursday I seemed to have had a massive rush of blood to it.  Off we trot to the pet shop to get supplies for Vern and Maisey.  Absolutely no plans for anything else but those items on my list.  Then BOOM!! I came out with two Guinea Pigs and a hutch! I never ever do things like that and never without the prior discussion with hubby as we are a very tight team.  My only saving grace is that they were in need of adoption as they had been quite literally left on the shelf.  They are adorable however and the boys are completely in awe of them.  I'm very encouraged by my eldest's enthusiasm for them.

Meet Jeffery and Bungle

I think you'll agree that they are really very sweet indeed.  Very glad to add two more red heads to our very own Russet Lodge.

Today (Friday) not so mini man had the choice of where we went and what we did.  That child is a genius.  "Mummy" he declared, "I would like to see the fish".  Not a problem.  Off we pootled to Portsmouth and had a fantastic time watching the fish at the Blue Reef Aquarium.  Mini man wasn't so sure as the aquarium is kept rather dark for the comfort of the fish but once I'd placed him in charge of the camera he settled right in.

Mini man's photography is coming on great guns.

I always think that lobsters look so grumpy.

We decided to drop into Winchester on our way home to check out our new home town and I have to say that I'm deliriously happy with the place.  I've found a lovely flower stall on the market to fill my lovely little becrochet'd jam jars with........

I've found plenty of shops to find lovely little things in.........

Needed a spoon rest and what better to tick that box on the shopping list and quench my thirst for camper vans. 

Oh and..........

Which quickly became.........


Now, back to the cress race.  Thanks to Maccy D's the boys came home with a "Grow your own cress Owl".  Today is day one of the great cress race.  I will of course keep you fully up to date on the cress race progress.

Mini man's on the left, not so mini man on the right

And there off!  And I'm off to bed.  Night all, lots more sleep required.  Zzzz

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