Saturday, 16 June 2012

What and amazing week!!

There are few weeks when fabulous things don't happen.  This is largely due to the fact that I look for positivity and beauty in everything that happens in our little world, even in things that most people would consider perfectly horrid.  I don't mind telling you why either.  18 months ago I was a very high flying senior nurse who became extremely unwell with stress.  At the age of 30 I was totally broken.  I am however, ecstatic to report that I fully recovered but I do need to keep taking care of myself to stay that way.  I would like to take this opportunity to give you one piece of advice.......Watch the butterflies.  My Granny gave me this advice many years ago but I was too busy and rather too important to listen to it.  Typically Granny knew better and I really wish I'd listen to her.  When life gets to much just stop, breathe and watch the butterflies.

So, as I was saying, amazing things.  My eldest started his new school this week and proudly brought home 3 good work stickers, 3 house points for "Ash" house and an award for music!!  Not bad at all even if I do say so myself.  More importantly however, he's bounded into school every morning full of energy and vitality, determined to hit the day running and has bounced out of school every afternoon with a smile on his face that would rival any post box.  I'm so ridiculously proud of him.  My husband and I made this massive life changing decision for the whole family and the children have taken up the challenge and really ran with it.  I'm in awe of them, I really am.  Mini man has also started his new nursery this week with the same vigour and spirit.  Children are simply outstanding and I love them more than I can possibly say.

Now, back to more normal goings on.  Baking.  I have subjected my poor husband to two lots of home baked goods this week.

Apple and cinnamon muffins according to the cook book ...

Apple and cinnamon muffins al a Jessie.  Nailed it I think you'll agree.  well, almost.

I can say however, that the gingerbread that I baked at the end of this week met with a much more favourable response and was super yummy.

This week has also seen the crafty arm of my life deliver a very special guest to the opening of a new business in Devizes, Wiltshire.  

Meet Schubert.  He is the Funky Rabbit of "Funky Rabbit" in Devizes.
I love his green patch on his bottom.  

I spent 4 weeks working on him during the housemove and its associated madness.  I was staggered that he didn't get lost!  It would seem that my crochet is more reliable than my baking.

My Facebook page has also taken off this evening with so many new friends and people that enjoy my work, I'm elated!  New commissions are rolling in and I'm extremely excited.  Also that I have found a new craft shop in town to support my work.  I almost fell over when I chanced upon it and then again when I discovered that it sold all of the wonderful yarns that I've had to turn to the net for.

Life in our new house is also rather wonderful.  I love that the wind blows for miles and that the first thing that stops it is my washing line!  We live on the edge of the patch and there is not a hill in sight.  My washing is dry even before I have finished pegging it out.  Or rather it would be if we had a chance to sample some of this years summer.  The walk to school is also amazing.  How many children can say that they get to play in the corn fields on their way to school?  Not that many I should imagine.  We went fully prepared on this week and took the opportunity for some puddle stomping.  Totally wonderful.  I love to see the boys running around and enjoying all of the things that children should.  Add to that and old fashion bag of penny sweets from the village post office and a trip to the park and life is just perfect.  I promise photos of these wonderful things in my next post.

Remember, "life is full of beauty, notice it.  Smell the rain, and feeling the wind, live life to your fullest potential and fight for your dreams".  I love this quote and it came my way via Facebook.  I wish I could quote the author but sadly, I don't have their name. 

Two very good bits of advice from two very wise people this week and I was not one of them.

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