Thursday, 3 January 2013

Back to normal :-)

I cannot tell you just how happy I am to be back to normal.  This year has been extremely difficult as my lovely husband has been playing in the sand pit.  We're extremely lucky as its been a very short tour but its taken its toll none the less.  Fortunately, whatever I felt or however many trips to a room alone for a bit of a sob had no effect on the boys and they had a great time.  Mission accomplished!!  My family have been amazing and have supported in ways that they'll never know.  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

The tree came down yesterday and after very nearly breaking my neck on several occasions and going horse with asking, I packed the boys new toys into their room.  I kid you not, 4 sacks between them!!!  Thats from all of the family mind you, we are very strict that they don't get spoilt.  Its too easy to throw money at children at christmas and especially when one of the parents is away.  The upside of all of this is that my house is yet again spotless, we can see where everything is and I can relax with a candle and my mountain of ironing, the joy!

We've had a great week actually.  We've recently found out that we've been posted so its given us the impetus to get on and do all of the things we wanted to whilst we lived in the Winchester  area.  Yesterday was Winchester cathedral.  Such a wonderfully serene and delicately beautiful building despite its vast dimensions and gravity defying arches.  In the crypt was a very unexpected but completely enchanting sight........

This is Antony Gormley's "Sound 2".  The contemplative lone figure stood silently in the flooded crypt.  This has struck me in ways that an art instillation never has.  I think I may be a new groupie.  I must find more!!!

So many other beautiful objects have help me welcome in the new and very exciting year.  I've been busy and lucky in equal measure.  I have to admit to still needing to finish several christmas presents, partly down to poor organisation and partly down to being Mum and Dad all through the craziness of Christmas with a dash of working again.  Fortunately I have very forgiving and understanding family.

Firstly let me apologise for the pictures being so dark but I couldn't wait for a bright day, I may never have posted another photo again!

This wise little chap was a gift for my lovely Mum.  Owls were a favourite of my late Granny so he has special significance.

My love of all things spotty is well known, it seems that Santa knows of it too!

My little treat to myself for surviving the first half of hubby's "holiday".   I might have also accidentally purchased some Uggs too.  The way I look at it is that I have all angles covered, very happy toes and a massive smile on my face!
My mini man had a slight addiction to removing the knobs from my coffee table and other matching doors so I decided to wait it out and replace when I could.  Today was the day.  Not often you get to tell a chap that he has an impressive array of knobs!
So cute! I'm so in love with this coin purse I cant tell you.  Goodness only knows what I'm going to do with it but I know that I love it.  Thank you Santa.
I'm a massive fan of Lucy at Attic24.  She's always waxing lyrical about the joy bought from a simple cup of coffee.  I agree but for me its more about the vessel that contains it.  This simple mug can lift my heart and make me smile like a post box!
Gift from the hubby.  Nice try love but the thinking step works much more effectively!!
I'm really not a materialist person which may be contrary to my posts.  I'm normally just as happy to be out in the fields with the kids or watching the sunrise but these simple objects have bought such joy that I just wanted to share.

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