Friday, 18 January 2013


Well its true to say that we have had more than a little bit of the white stuff today!  Yippee!!  We have had so much fun today.  Snow balls, attempted snowman (failed as the snow was too dry), hot chocolate, DVD's and playing with toys.

Mini Man is totally transfixed by icicles.  He really is resisting every effort that I'm making in explaining that ice melts.  Poor chap has his heart broken on an almost hourly basis. 

So pretty.  The long suffering rose bush in my garden.  Clearly planted by a tenant many moons ago and been left to fun riot ever since.  I must make an effort to tame it this year.  Its over 9ft tall!

Oh how very appropriate!!!  Its a bit of snow.  The world is not ending.  Be sensible, take your time and you'll be fine and dandy.
My Moo dog.  Its the heaviest snow that she's known in her little life.  I've never seen her happier.

The view from my upstairs window.  There is a village over there somewhere!

Injection of colour very much required today.  Working on a cover for my new hot water bottle.

Brew stop!  Such a busy day, needed a break.

I have the best recipe for using up bananas that are past their best.  Search for the BBC Banana Muffin recipe.  Super yummy.  My trusty phone doubling up as my cook book!  Please note the scales, a very romantic christmas gift from my hubby!

Amaryllis as promised.  Growing at a rapid rate of knots.

Must absolutely always have flowers in the house.  The place feels very sterile without them.  I have very few actual vases but a wonderful collection of jam jars bedecked with ribbons and crochet collars.

Banana muffins, the end result!  Very yummy as breakfast or a pudding when warmed up and smothered in custard.

Finally, mini man presents me with treasure!!  Such a shame, I was growing that one.

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