Saturday, 5 January 2013

cabin fever

So we've gone from being back to normal to cabin fever in a matter of days.  Deepest joy.  The weather hasn't helped at all.  Its neither rainy nor sunny but it has been grey and generally miserable.  We've spent so much time at the park this week that I've taken up squatters rights.  I actually took a flask of tea with me yesterday.  To say that the hours are being counted until Monday would be an understatement. The children are desperate to get back to school and nursery and I cannot wait to return to my work kitchen, to switch on my radio and to create many little meals for many smiley faces.

At the start of the year I set my resolutions.  I don't smoke so I don't need to give that up.  I'm not a sadist so theres no way on earth that I'm giving up my Gin or Chocolate!  From my years of writing care plans I have learned that you keep your goals achievable and measurable so this year I decided to teach myself some more skills that may not be useful but that will be extremely fun.  So far I've taught myself to make balloon animals!!!!  Loads of fun and of no practical use at all unless in find myself trapped in a room of children with nothing but a bag of balloons.  Or indeed my two at the back end of the Christmas holidays.

Check this out...........

Not at all bad for my first attempt.  I would take a photo of the elephant, dog and giraffe but I cant get them off the kids and I'm not posting their angelic little faces.  Leave it with me and I'll try and get them off them in their sleep.  I'm mortified to say that the pink panther blew up as I was attempting to finish his head, so sad.

Gloop also made an appearance today.  So simple to mix corn flower and water together but it quite literally had my two entranced for an hour.  Nice bit of home science for my eldest.  Hopefully I can break his brain in for his teacher to give her a head start.

So the side effects of todays fun are a kitchen covered in a substance that goes solid every time I get near it and a right index finger that has sustained serious balloon tieing injuries that have rendered it almost useless.

What time is bed time???

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