Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Olympic pride

Little bit of a forced break due to the hubby having the computer.  Nevermind, onwards...............

The Olympic torch relay rolled through our sleepy corner of the world yesterday and how totally amazing it was too.  I was very lucky as not so mini man's very understanding teacher allowed us to take him out for 2 hours.  Equally blessed as the sun shone proudly in the sky.  Mini man and I picked up Mummy dearest, liberated not so mini man from school and toddled off up the road to the next town to join the party.

Now then, sometimes I just know that someone is looking out for us and lays everything down beautifully in front of us to ease our way and yesterday was totally one of those days.  My normally late timings were bang on at each of my self allotted time check points (OCD very much in full flow yesterday!), parked the car with absolute ease and transported the family walking bus (with Mummy dearest riding up front in a Boudicca style) to the perfect spot right on the edge of the road.

So there we are with 2 MASSIVE Union Jacks and a very British picnic in attendance.  Started chatting to the people next to us (as you do) and soon discovered that they were family of a torchbearer.  WOW!  practically royalty in that atmosphere.

Now, if you do one thing tonight check out Frome torch bearer Sgt Gavin Harper.  Read his section and I defy you not to be nothing short of gob smacked!  This bloke is astonishing.  Being the wife of a serving British soldier I just had to grab his wife in a very unstalkerish way and tell her how amazing I thought SHE was.  I will never understand who those women live through the experience of the the door knock and the two men stood behind it.  This woman, in my opinion is nothing short of unbelievable.  She kept the family together, brought up two beautiful children and supported her husband who is so busy raising money for others it unreal.

I'm sorry to say that my photography on the day was clouded  by tears of pride so I borrowed this one from the British Army's Facebook page.  Check it out, they have pictures of each of the soldiers who have carried the flame.  

Right, as I took a day off to celebrate with the nation its back to house moving duties.  The kitchen beckons.  Oh the glamour.

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