Thursday, 10 May 2012

Binning or boxing?

Weather report: Wet (again!)

I can honestly say this is the wettest drought that I have ever known.  Successfully managed to negotiate the bus journey to school in the dry, even managed the walk home from my Mum's home (minus mini man) in the dry but have completely lucked out on the afternoon school run.  Could I find my water proof walking boots? Not a chance!  Reluctantly pulled on my wonderful Rocket Dogs in the full knowledge that being wonderful does not necessarily make them waterproof.  Bless them, they put up a good fight but gave out on me half way back to Mum's.  The net result of that was very wet (but fantastically spotty) socks.

So anyway, back to it.  Mum had mini man today so that I can get properly stuck into the whole unpleasant business of sorting and packing the house.  Just 19 days until the big move and the house still looks like we're not going anywhere.  Mini man is a whirling dervish and a fantastic excuse to waste time but he's of very little help when you need to crack on.  There I was leaving him at my dear ole Mumsies and I found myself faced with a decision.  Do I wander back into town and sit myself down with my all time favourite Gingerbread Latte and the newspaper then plonk myself back on the lazy bus or do I yomp home at breakneck speed in a bid to clear some cob webs???  Tough one but I actually opted for the yomp.  Love it!!  It feels so long since I did any exercise as the gap between gyms has been longer than expected so the old legs were very grateful.

Well, with no children in the house whats the natural thing to do?? Of course, throw toys away!  My boys will keep toys until the end of time and thanks to "Toy Story 3" they now have a moral issue with sending toys that just might come alive as soon as you leave the room to the the big tip in the sky.  I however, have no such moral conviction and merrily swept through toy box after toy box clearing away all the dead wood and sorting items for mini mans new nursery.   My lounge packed down into two medium sized boxes and one very large bin bag.  The remaining items that survived the cull will pack into the van in less than 10 mins.  I'm not generally a person that keeps lots of things so throwing great big lumps of life away is not a problem for me.  I started on the attic with hubby at the weekend and have shrunk the contents down by 1/3!  Thats what I call a clear out.

I feel that I must take this opportunity to apologise to my current neighbours for my shocking singing which ranged from Jessie J to Tina Turner with a healthy dollop of Paulo Nutini in the middle.  I must also apologise to my new neighbours because as the summer is apparently on its way, the windows will be opened and my beautiful tones will be heard wafting over "The Patch" and Camp.  Hubby has a very interesting way to describe my singing.  He takes great pride in telling everyone that my voice, as lovely as it is, could be used to drive back the Taliban.  He also informs people that, on a good day I could do it from Dover.  I don't know if I should take that as a compliment or not?

Right, small males to feed.  I think I may well grant myself the evening off when slave duties are completed.

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