Saturday, 12 May 2012


Hussar!  The rain has let up for long enough to allow the sun to shine and what brilliant timing.

Here in our little garrison town we are extremely proud of our lads and lasses in uniform and about 3 weeks ago the town said "see you later" to the soldiers of 3 Yorks.  They're off to the sand for the summer.  "Good bye" is banned in this town.  "See you later" is the preferred send off.

Now then, the wonderful people of our little town decided that we would show our support to those that have gone but also and often more importantly, those who are left behind to man the forts, feed the kids, keep working etc.  So they came up with "Support Our Soldiers", catchy 'eh.  I have to say that they worked hard and did a fantastic job.  I took the boys down for a wander around and an ice cream and we had the best time.  I actually remembered to take my camera down with me which is an amazing feet of memory!

As you can see the sun shone beautifully and the crowds turned out to enjoy the atmosphere and show support.  Our little town has an amazing park which accommodated the event perfectly.

Mini man LOVES horses and the very sight of this pony made him whoop for joy.  On we piled and I have to say that my bottom only just squeezed in to the seat!  I think however that it was the fault of the seat and not my bottom as my bottom would never be so rude as not to fit (note to self, let the movers unpack the lorry and get down to the gym immediately!).

Now the original point of today was to march up the high street to show our support but due to the expected amount of paperwork, the march had to take place around the parks boating lake.  I can honestly say it was very emotional and rather quiet.  Almost everyone there either had some one in the sand, someone going to the sand or someone who had been.  Lots of thoughts, feelings and emotions were on show but the stoic nature of those who's lives are touched by the military shone through and did us all proud.

Such a wonderful sight!  Hundreds of balloons were released each with a personal message to a soldier serving right now.  Well, if thats not going to bring a tear to the eye then I don't know what will.

Well done to the Support Our Soldiers team for a fantastic event.  Most of all, keep yourselves safe and see you all soon 3 Yorks.  We're extremely proud of you all.

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