Sunday, 13 May 2012

Car boot sales and Yorkshire puddings.


Chin Chin.

I'm not sure what it is about us Brits but we do rather like Sunday activities to be "just so".  Due to the frantic clearing out and downsizing for the impending move, it would appear that we have accumulated lots and lots of stuff we no longer need.  Loads in fact.  Literally too much to get in the back of the car!!!  Naturally the only thing to do when you have stuff to get rid of is get up at sparrows fart, throw all of your tat and crap into the boot of the car and hunt our a muddy field where someone charges you a handful of groats to spread your aforementioned crap on a blanket and just wait.  All very English and all very "just so" for a sunday.

This Sunday however, we struck gold!!  Mummy dearest had the small male chaps for us last night and the sun shone proudly in the sky, making one of its few appearances this year.  I do wonder if that thing is coin fed and if so then someone needs to chuck 50p in the meter tout sweet!  The sparrows farted and we were up and out like a pair of greased ferrets.  The muddy field was as as dry as a bone and Dick Turpin at the gate was in a charitable mood and it cost us the grand total of £1 to spread our crap on our blanket.  There was of course the presence of a well equipped bacon butty and brew wagon, good times!

The town just down the road from our little patch of England has a very high Polish and Moroccan community which gives a very sleep town a very international feel.  I can honestly say that we were visited but some amazing and extremely interesting people.  We also met a lady who sends all of the money she makes at car boot sales to a family that she supports in India.  I was totally in awe as she explained how the money she sends has put two small children through school and that those two children are going great guns.  I duly paid twice the going rate for a very colourful beaded bracelet that I have fallen totally in love with.  We were also able to donate some items to the local church fayre which also helped to stoke the warm feeling inside.  Those two things combined with the sleeping bags and duvets that are off to the local homeless night shelter has ensured that our de-clutter has done some charitable good to others not just lining our pockets or the recycling bins at the local tip.  ALL GOOD!

After all of the hot shot selling hubby and I had worked up quite a hunger.  Mmmm, its Sunday........ROAST DAY!!  I don't mind telling you that I'm a dab hand with a roast and I love cooking them with all the trimmings.  I do however have a fairly large chink in my armour, yorkshire puds.  Those little bundles of sunday loveliness have always caused me problems and TV chefs telling me that they are the "work of moments" and "fool proof" does nothing to help.  I once made a yorkshire pudding that it was so hopeless and heavy that hubby threw it out for the birds.  In so doing he almost took out the back fence!  We checked it the following day and found it fully intact but for a few tooth marks from "Cyril" the squirrel.  Poor chap wasn't seen for a few days after that.  I am however delighted to report that todays pud's were stunning!!  Lots of full tummy's and happy faces.

Before I leave you I must show you this......

Whilst the boys were in the tub I took the opportunity to tidy their rooms.  I found this.  I'm fairly certain that this catapults mini man from "super fan" status to that of "crazed stalker".  Watch your back Fireman Sam, looks like he has plans afoot for you boyo.

Have a great week everyone.

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