Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Blimey! What a busy few days!!

I have literally not stopped over the last few days.  The house move has reached that awkward time where  I cannot actually do anything towards it so I have decided to get crafty instead.

Yesterday Mummy dearest and I nipped to the next town and embarked on a "Buttons, Beads and Ribbons" day.  As hubby and I have now gone down to one car in preparation for the move, days out of the town are few and far between but actually make them far more enjoyable.  The local indoor market has a fabulous woman who sells buttons and ribbon at the most amazing prices.  It really is like an Aladdin's cave and utterly wonderful.  I took the opportunity to add to my buttons jar and stock up on ribbon for my next mission which is the boy's current school's summer fate.  Not more than 10 steps away from the button bonanza is bead nirvana.  I'm telling you that this market is like the Chocolate room in the Wonka factory for grown ups and I'm putty in its hands.

Hubby had again deemed that we should have his chosen meal for tea.  Now as he never makes a wrong move on this then I never query him (Seafood however would be a very large NO NO).  Yesterday evening was Curry night and thanks to Jamie Oliver's fail safe curry paste recipe, this one was an absolute cracker!  Chicken Jalfrezi with all the trimmings.  I do delight in taking to my kitchen with a store cupboard full of excitement and my fridge full of the freshest, tastiest produce that my local green grocer can supply.  I love the complete alchemy of drawing together blissful ingredients that fill the house with delicious smells.  This was the result........

None to shabby I think you'll agree.

Today has been more of the same.  I've been able to actually have a day of finishing projects and get some stock together for "Jessie's Pretty Little Things".  Tuesdays restock helped enormously.  I thought I'd share some of my projects with you......

I flit between crochet and felt.  Today was mostly a felt day.  

Flora garland made from felt.

Cupcake flags.  Love these and I think they're going to be very popular.

This is for my new home.  Find the tutorial on Lucy's blog  I love this and cant wait to hang it on my new front door.

You can just see my coffee pot cosy in the background.  I got totally felty this morning and actually made my own which worked extremely well.  I've decided to transform it into another coffee cosy for my stock. 

All in all I've had an extremely productive few days.  I always get the same feeling that used to wash over me as a student when I'd handed in course work, complete relief and an overwhelming sense of pride when projects come together be they for me or for other people.

Before I sign off I'd like you to meet Vern, our tortoise.  This was not so mini man feeding him by hand so the dog didn't do a runner with his tea.  Bless.  He sat there for an age making sure he didn't get fleeced for it.  Mini man would have never have managed such a feat of patience.

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