Friday, 11 May 2012

Its Friday!!!!

Friday is big business in our house!!  It means the weekend, fun, food, friends, family and a bit more food!!!

Fridays that involve the impending arrival of the timeshare teenager are ultimately the best.  Hubby likes nothing more than trotting off to bed of an evening knowing that each bed is full of "Sprouts".  The kids were named the "Sprouts" by their Grandad as they are all sprouts of him, makes perfect sense.  Timeshare teenager is "Lead Sprout", son 1 is "Sprog Sprout" and son 2 is "Bean Sprout".  Obvious really.

This weekend does not contain the timeshare teenager but is fully booked none the less.  Hubby has deemed that this evening shall be kebab night.  I can't remember the last time that I bought a kebab from a take away (not counting the last unpleasant offering from a take away in Cyprus).  Kebab night in our house is a much more homemade affair.  Chicken marinading as I type, large amounts of garlic purchased for the mayo and store cupboard checked for all of the component parts of the flat breads.  Now my jewish family roots would go bonkers at the thought of me putting yeast in a flat bread on a friday but I really think that I've been watered down that much that its a wonder I still eat flat breads at all.

I will share the marinade with you because its so simple and yet so yummy;

2 cloves of garlic
Good squeeze of lemon juice
2 chicken stock cube's
good glug of olive oil
salt and pepper
1 Tsp of dried tarragon

I mix it all together then add 3 chicken breasts (chopped).  When its sat for at least an hour I place it all in the frying pan.  I find that it tends to go a bit sticky and some clings to the bottom.  If it does that then I add some hot water and it makes the most wonderful sauce which clings to the chicken and gives you a deliciously moist kebab.

I can literally taste them already!

Friday night is late bed night for the boys so that we can all sit around the food thats been laid out on the coffee table and watch T.V.  That in its self is a massive treat as all meals are up to the dinning table, extremely important in our little world.

I totally failed in getting hubby's beer for this evening but I did check that I had plenty of tonic water for my gin.  I think that says more about me and my priorities that I wanted to share! :-)

Oh and in a slightly different direction, the yarn arrived today for my latest commission!  Whoop whoop.  Very excited to get this underway.  I've been asked to make a cuddly Rabbit for a new business thats opening in the area so the children can cuddle him whilst they have their new shoes fitted.  I've never made a Rabbit before.  I'm much more blankets, bunting and flowers so this is a challenge that I'm absolutely up for.  I used Rico creative cotton following a tip off from Lucy at  Its fantastic stuff, comes in a wonderful array of colours and its super easy to work with.  Thanks for the tip!

Off to do the school run now and get the weekend well and truly underway.  HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!!!

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