Saturday, 19 May 2012

The first of the last's

Well yet again the last few days have been busy, busy, busy.  Hubby and I have now totally cleared the attic despite several attempts by the Hubby to knock himself bandy on the rafters.  I'm sending him back to the car boot sale tomorrow to attempt to shift more tat and to recover from his rather severe (but not quite fatal) head injuries with a brew and the now fully approved bacon butty wagon.

As a family, our favourite place in the whole world is the beautiful city of Bath with its honey stone glow and the eclectic mix of bohemian people.  Its also the city in which I trained as a Nurse (about a million years ago now), the boys were born and where Hubby made an honest woman of me.  Its our home (or would be but for the house prices) and we relax, sit in the Abbey court yard with an over priced coffee and watch the world go by.  We spend a huge amount of time there at all times of the year as its only 20 mins down the road.  If we're at a loose end we clamber in the car and go for a "mooch".  Today we went for our last "mooch" before the big move into the wilds of Hampshire.  It all felt very emotional.  It's all very bonkers actually as its not as if we're never going to return but the length of drive will mean that it will take much more planning.  I cannot understate just how much we adore that city and will miss just nipping in.

My little dude is preparing for his last week in the school that he's been in for 3 years.  To be honest I can't wait for him to start his new school as his new uniform will fit him!  At the moment his trousers are at half mast and his jumpers are edging up his arms towards his elbows.  He has new trousers are the exact same trousers for his new school but I'm damned if I'm getting the new ones out of the packet's until he starts afresh.

Hubby has counted up the number of nights he has in this house and its less than a handful.  Shocking stuff.

I must say a massive well done to all of the 3000 members of Her Majesty's armed forces who paraded at Windsor today.  One RAF Cpl in particular who shall remain nameless but you know who you are.  We saw you!  We knew you were there, and TAT bear!!!

You should all look out for the official Jubilee song, "Sing".  Its outstanding, literally mesmeric.  Now I have a voice like a foghorn as you will now all be aware so I can only apologise to the neighbours (again) but I cant stop singing it.  Totally addicted!!

Yankee candle lit, chocolate purchased, wine poured. Night all!

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