Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Wow! Get me.  Day one, post two!!

I had to share this because I just thought it was sooooo west country.  If I could type with a farmers accent then I would.

I am totally fiercely proud of the fact that I come from the west of England.  I love everything about it from the "ooo arr" to the cider that is often too rough to drink but cleans your windows beautifully (do not try this at home!).  My whole family seem to have developed our own language me baber!

I saw this whilst nipping out with the timeshare teenager to satisfy her wish to have her hair dyed (which to my mind is either brave or foolish because whenever I go near her head with a bottle of dye it never goes well).  Apparently if you dye pink hair brown you just get a darker pink, who knew! :-)

So I get out of the car and see this, perfect west country.  Enjoy!


  1. Ahhhhh see, I found you!!! I saw your blog address and along I popped.
    May I be the first to wish you a very warm welcome into Blogland, I'm sure you're going to have fun with it :o)
    With much love

  2. Thank you so much. please feel free to drop in at any time.